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Applications 2024

Willowmoore High School is a fee-paying school and we rely on all our parents to pay tuition fees. SCHOOL FEES ARE COMPULSORY AND PAYABLE IN ADVANCE AS STATED IN SECTION 39 OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS ACT 1996. Current fees are R16,500.00 per annum and for 2024 and we expect an inflation related price increase

August 2023 Newsletter 44

Dear Parents and Learners Congratulations and Thank you: The PYEI (Presidential Youth Employment Initiative) program was run at Willowmoore High over 3 days for the young folk who are employed in the current phase. They learnt about business initiatives. This will hopefully go a long way to assisting the youth to get employment or start

February 2021 Newsletter

Matriculating Class of 2020 triumphs over adversity For all South Africans, the Covid 19 pandemic was a significant trial with all kinds of deprivation and painful experiences, but this was particularly the case for the matriculating class of 2020. Out of all of the grades in the schooling system, the grade 12s had the most
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