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Grade 12 Tour

Some grade 12s attended the Grade 12 Tour in Drakensville over the course of four days. During this time, they got to connect with each other while engaging in many activities that included, river-rafting, ab-sailing, swimming and their favourite, eating. By the end of the weekend, they were all very tired but very content.

House Plays

Willowmoore held its inter-house plays on the 28 of March. The winning house on the night went to Jupiter. The Best Directors were from the Saturn House. Learners were commended by the adjudicators for their creativity and contribution to Arts. Awards were handed out for the best actor, actress, supporting actor and actress, props and

Tree Planting

Willowmoore High was donated trees by a sponsor that chose to remain anonymous. These projects show that Willowmoore is conscious about the environment and continues to make an effort when it comes to making learners aware of the role they have to play in combating problems like littering and pollution.

Giving back to the Community!

Recently a  number of our students participated in some community service here in the Lakefield area. The Pan, situated in the centre of Lakefield, has recently started accumulating quite a bit of litter and debris, causing pollution to the area and affecting the overall look and tranquillity there. Students spent the day gathering up litter and

Cultural Day

Tuesday the 25th of April marked the celebration of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, where students were allowed to come dressed in traditional dress and clothing to promote South African Tourism and national heritage. Students did not disappoint, bringing some of their most beautiful and creative items of clothing. Needless to say,  we had

2017 Inter-House Athletics Day

Wednesday, the 25th of January was our Inter-House Athletics day. The day went smoothly and all events were able to be completed in time, with our students showing good support for the day along with all our athletes that participated. Thank you to all who participated in the Inter-house Athletics meeting which was a success –