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    February 2020 Newsletter

    Willowmoore Roboteers win through to World Champs

    Absent from the photo is Milan

    The Willowmoore High Robotics team has only been extant for four years but has already accumulated a significant number of awards and accolades, including awards for innovation, and invitations to participate at the National Championships for the last three years.

    It was at the most recent National Championships that the team received special recognition from the judges for the team’s development of an application which was designed to assist the visually impaired in their ac-cess and traversing of the East Point shopping centre in Boksburg.

    In recognition of this achievement as well as the team’s ongoing excellence, an invitation was extended for the team to participate in the Pan Africa Robotics championships to be held in Rwanda later this year.

    This School Robotics Initiative is organized through the Sci-Bono organization, who have also sponsored new schools into this event. Along with sponsorship from VMS Engineering

    The team now will commence their intense preparation to adjust to a new standard, and also to a more sophisticated form of robotics. It must be mentioned that Sci-Bono may not be able to sponsor all the costs of the team because three school squads were selected in place of the customary two.

    Any members of the community who will support the team in some way, are encouraged to

    Willowmoore High class of 2019 achieve well

    Our grade 12 class of 2019 achieved well in the final NSC exams, with an overall pass rate of 94.7%, a bachelor’s pass rate of 50%, and 87 distinctions. The highest placed matriculants were Q Ceba and R Karolia with 6 and 7 distinctions respectively.

    Willowmoore High also received recognition for its overall averages and its educators with the second-highest Mathematics average in the district and Mrs R. Vania being recognized for the educator with the highest Accounting average.

    Valentine’s day is coming

    Once again as Spring takes hold, the learners of Willowmoore High will be celebrating Valentine’s day.

    Firstly, the learners can wear appropriate civilian clothing for a fee of R20 which will be distributed among charities. Also, a collection will be done on non-perishable food and usable old clothes for charity.

    The Valentine’s day newspaper will be on sale, containing the messages sent by students to each other. The messages are on sale for R2 and the newspaper for R5, both from the House Captains.

    Muffins and cupcakes, made by the Consumer Studies students, will be sold. Mrs Joubert and the House Captains will be selling raffle tickets in order to raise money for charity.

    Finally, in a progressive stance to secure a more positive and empowering impact, a tea will be held for various members of the community involved in women’s and children’s rights.

    This will enable these role-players to network with each other, with members of staff of Willowmoore , and also the members of the Interact Executive.

    Construction begins at Willowmoore High

    In late December, 2019, Willowmoore was informed that the Education department intended to construct three
    new brick classrooms to facilitate the expansion of the school, as well as to replace older portions of the school.

    These new classrooms will be constructed at the bottom block. It is hoped that the school will be permitted to expand upon these plans and make the construction suitable for six classrooms.

    The tender process has been begun and will be concluded by mid-February. From there the construction process
    will proceed under the close monitoring of civil engineers and the Education department.

    The completion date is anticipated to be by the beginning of term 2, and then the new buildings will be formally opened and put to good use.

    Athletics season in full swing

    The Willowmoore high athletics is in full swing, and there have been a lot of highlights.

    Firstly, Interhouse was staged at the beginning of the term, and this saw Neptune winning the event overall, with C Netshikulwe as senior Victor ludorum and N Pali as Victrix, while H Hleza was junior Victor ludorum and T Ntsoane and T Ramodibe shared junior Victrix.

    This was followed by the Woodlands Field athletics meeting, and then the Belvedere interschool athletics meeting. This athletics season will end off with the Interhigh athletics meeting which will be hosted by Hoerskool Noordelig.

    Grade tutors offer their guidance

    Willowmoore High maintains a network of support educators to assist your child in their school lives. Please feel free to contact them with any of your concerns or encourage your child to approach them for an interview.

    All interactions are treated with confidentiality to best suite the welfare of your child.

    Grade 8: Mrs Chotoo and Mr Maredi – chotoo@willowmoore.co.za & maredi@willowmoore.co.za
    Grade 9: Mrs Khumalo and Mr Ramyaha – tkhumalo@willowmoore.co.za & mramayaha@willowmoore.co.za
    Grade 10: Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe – ykera@willowmoore.co.za & mmpiyakhe@willowmoore.co.za
    Grade 11: Ms Gallagher – cgallagher@willowmoore.co.za
    Grade 12: Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph – brownw@willowmoore.co.za & djoseph@willowmoore.co.za

    School Counsellors and Additional Support

    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata – tkata@willowmoore.co.za

    The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf – mzerf@willowmoore.co.za

    The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey – bhealey@willowmoore.co.za

    The Student Liaison Officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance – nvanderheerver@willowmoore.co.za

    The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family – chennessy@willowmoore.co.za

    Important forthcoming dates

    14 February Valentine’s day

    14-17 February Grade 12 tour

    Term 1 cycle tests 2-11/3/2020

    16-17 March Interhouse public speaking

    18 March Interhouse one act plays

    20 March end of term 1. Reports are released for all grades. Notice from the tuckshop—we sell Halaal food every day of the week.



    Benoni Library Theatre

    Friday 28th February 2020 at 2p.m.

    Donation of R50 to our Guild – which will get you in and a raffle ticket

    This month we are presenting the hilarious comedy

    The man who sued god

    Starring Billy Connolly

    Billy Connolly plays a lawyer who became a fisherman from frustration.
    When his boat is struck by lightning and destroyed, he is denied insurance money because
    it was “an act of God”. He sues the insurance company and the church, under the guise of
    God, defending himself.


    Willowmoore High strives to create relevant and equitable, holistic quality education that will produce well rounded, responsible and respectful leaders who will contribute meaningfully in tomorrow’s communities.


    Willowmoore High strives to create an ongoing positive, innovative and inclusive learning environment for our diverse community strives to maintain a safe, functional and technologically focused school for the well rounded development of all learners strives to uphold the ethos of mutual respect of human rights and South African culture

    From the desk of the Principal

    The time-honoured adage goes that “Timewaits for no man”. This is particularly true for schooling in South Africa.

    As many are still adjusting to the Government-mandated extension of the school day to accommodate hour-long lessons, a new trend of tardiness has reared its ugly head again.

    Besides the obvious loss of contact time for any child arriving late for a class, there is also the disruption caused to the other learners and the lesson as the latecomers have to be integrated into the class proceeding.

    To add to this there is also the ongoing security concern about learners being out on the streets after the commencement of the school day. Educators are on duty up until the beginning of period 1 to process the latecomers but beyond this, the latecomers are on their own.

    As of the beginning of February, latecomers will be assigned to community service teams to at-tend to various ongoing tasks around the school. Should the late coming still continue, then detention will be arranged in the afternoon.

    It must also be noted that any late-coming for a formal assessment task, means that no additional time can be awarded and the quality of the assessment is reduced because of the lack of time devoted to it. Punctuality, the Pride of Princes!