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April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Learners

We have started the term on a busy note. Congratulations to our new HOD’s – Mr Brown for First Additional Languages and Mrs Kata for Life Orientation. We welcome them onto our management team and look forward to many years of growth. We welcome 3 new members of staff this term – Mr Van Aswegen teaching Electrical technology, Ms Dube teaching LO, SS and English and Mrs S Naidoo teaching LO and Technology.

With the changes that have taken place in management, Mr Brown will be Head of Grade 9 and Mrs Chotoo will be the Head of Grade 11. Mr Mpiyakhe will be the acting HOD for Technical subjects. Please contact them with your queries regarding your child’s education.

Mrs Pienaar, our laboratory assistant, will be retiring at the end of April after 32 years at Willowmoore. Our good wishes go with her into her retirement. Thank you for all you have done for the school over the many years of assisting where ever we needed you to help, especially in the labs with the practical work.

Saturday 22 April 2017 is parent’s morning from 8.30 to 12.30 – please come and see your child’s educators to discuss any problems that they might have.  We encourage you to see as many educators as possible and to be mindful of all the other parents who also need to see the educator. If you have a more serious problem, please make an appointment to see the relevant HOD, Deputy or myself. The accounts office will be open if you need to purchase sports kit, pay school fees or make an arrangement with outstanding debt.

We will be holding a parents meeting into May to discuss the introduction of Zulu as an alternative First Additional Language to be phased in from grade 8 in 2018. All interested parents are invited to attend so that we can get a clear indication of where we should be moving in the future. Details will be sent via e-mail. Please ensure we have your correct e-mail address/cell number.

Proud to be South African day: 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, will be celebrated on Tuesday 25th of April. Normal school lessons and times will continue as usual. Learners are permitted to attend school in traditional dress or clothing that promotes South African tourism or national heritage. A levy of R10 will be asked for the privilege of wearing this dress.  All proceeds from the levy will go towards buying new reading books for the media centre.

Other activities on the day include:

  • A display of affordable books for purchase will be held outside the media centre by various book sellers. We encourage all our learners to bring their money and add to their libraries.
  • At break the Human Rights Ambassadors (HRAs) will be selling various items related to culture in South Africa, the exact nature of which will be advertised beforehand so we encourage everyone to support their efforts.
  • The school will host a series of traditional games – come and learn to play new games and participate in a competition. An entry fee of R10 per participant for the competition will be required. This event will be concluded by 16:30.

26th April – Afrikaans Paper 3 – June examination will be written. We will run periods 1 and 2, break and then the exam so that school will finish at 1pm. A doctor’s note is required if the child is absent for this examination. Please make arrangements to collect your child at the end of the school day.

Applications for Grade 8 for 2018 open on 2nd May 2017:

Grade 8 applications must be done online at www.gdeadmissions.gov.za and then the verification documents need to be dropped off at the school. After placements are completed later in the year, the parents need to accept these placements online again and then collect final documentation from the school.

All parents wanting to apply for grade 9 to 11 for learners from outside the school, can collect forms from 1 September 2017. However, there is no guarantee that there will be space for these extra learners and we can only complete this process once our existing learner’s promotions have been finalized in December.

Current learners will be re-enrolled at Willowmoore High school. If your child is not going to take up a space at Willowmoore in 2018 due to relocation, transfer, going to college, religious studies, emigration or any other reason, please put it in writing and hand it to the principal before 10 May 2017. You may send an e-mail request to lsanders@willowmoore.co.za.

The school show opens on 12th May. The show will be staged on the following dates: 12th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th and 27th May. Tickets are R 80 per person and will be sold at the door. We value your support and encourage you to attend this show. All evening shows start at 8pm sharp and will be finished by 10pm. Check the time for the Sunday afternoon shows on the posters around the school. Please collect your children on time.


  1. To download the d6 communicator for Willowmoore High to your device or computer, go to http://www.school-communicator.com/download.Follow the choices presented for either an internet enabled device or a computer. The school identification code is 6064.
  2. Google Classroom: If you have a mobile device, download the Google Classroom App from the App Store. If you have a desktop computer, you need to log onto the internet via your willowmoore.co.za email address, select Google Classroom from the list of menu options off the “chocolate box” next to the email address signout option. Enter any classroom space using the specific key code provided by your educators. The educators will upload notes, memos and suggested learning information for the specific subject. You may communicate with your educator by e-mail on the Google Classroom. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, there are various places around the school that can be used in the afternoon.


Please ensure that the boy’s hair cuts are in line with the school rules.

As we are moving into the colder months of the year, learners are reminded that school green tracksuit pants need to be worn for PT – no other tracksuits will be allowed. New green tracksuit pants are available from the accounts office, room 34. The cost of these is R 260 for smaller sizes and R 280 for larger sizes.

There should be no writing/tippex on the school caps. These caps will be confiscated and will not be returned as they cannot be cleaned.

For April, the learners can wear either correct summer uniform or correct winter uniform. As of 2nd May, all learners must wear correct winter uniform. Beanies, gloves and scarves are also available from the accounts office.

PT kit is generally being worn correctly and I thank all of the learners who follow the rules. Take careful note of the following:

  • A long sleeve black vest may be worn underneath the school T-shirt for those learners who need to cover their arms for PT.
  • Only tracksuit pants or school shorts are allowed. No ‘skins’ will be allowed underneath shorts.
  • On very cold days, the school jersey, blazer and dri mac are to be worn with the PT kit. No other “hoodies” are allowed.

Please remind the learners that ID cards are necessary and must be worn as part of the school uniform. If the card is left at home, washed or misplaced, a temporary ID card for the day will cost R 10. New ID cards cost R 15. Please pay your money when placing the order.

Willowmoore offers quality education at affordable rates. Please ensure that school fees are paid up to date. Thank you to all the paying parents who make it possible for us to continue our educational programs and to support all our learners.

Mrs L Sanders
Acting Principal