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    August 2019 Newsletter

    The Tambo Foundation inaugural “Pass the Baton” conference

    The Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation hosted its first annual “Pass the Baton” conference at the Birchwood conference center on the 24th of July and a group of Willlowmoore High’s grade 11 learners were among the select few schools’ learners from across the province who were invited to attend.

    The purpose of this conference was to establish a connection between the older leaders of the anti-Apartheid movement and the new generation. The idea is that through this connection the baton of leadership and moral example be passed on.

    The day consisted of five different panel discussions, each of which were themed according to the values most closely associated with the leadership of OR Tambo: ethics and politics; land reform and constitutionalism; the media, SMMEs; and arts and culture.

    These panels had luminaries on them like Albie Sachs, ex-justice Cameron and Brigalia Bam. Once the panelists had introduced themselves and engaged in dialogue with each other, the panelists then engaged with the audience in a question-and-answer session which the students found very exciting and relevant because they were answered frankly and with insight.

    The day ended with a demonstration of robotics by PHD candidates. Willowmoore High’s students gained a lot from this day and look forward to being invited again.

    Willowmoore future scientists tour Wits University

    First Willowmoore annual book quiz takes place

    Seven different junior teams from Willowmoore High, Benoni High and Lee Rand Secondary school participated in a book quiz based on the novel “Beyond the Bright Sea” by Lauren Wouk.
    The teams experienced three levels of the quiz: an individual written test, followed by a team written section and then finally a team oral rapid fire section.
    After all the tussle and consultation victory went to Benoni High’s team, The intellectuals, – with a score of 69, 5 out of 80—followed by Lee Rand’s team A, and then Willowmoore’s team The Willows.
    Each team spent three months preparing for this quiz with the assistance of their coaches, and it is commendable that all the teams did so well.
    It is hope that the event for 2020 will comprise of both a senior and junior team section, as well as a category for Afrikaans.
    All the teams found the competition fun and are looking forward to 2020.

    Willowmoore High’s science devotees tour Wits

    A busload of science students were invited to attend in a tour of the various Science, Biology and Engineering facilities at the University of the Witwatersrand.
    The students were selected from grades 9 to 11 and all have an aptitude for science. The purpose of the tour was to enlighten these students about the wide variety of careers available in the fields of science and engineering.
    The full day ranged through the faculties of zoology, engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemistry and physics, and involved tours of lecture halls, workshops, laboratories and various educational displays.
    At the end of the day the students all had a wonderful experience and were encouraged to consider the science and engineering fields as future study and career options.

    Cricketers chosen for Tour Junior debaters achieve

    The following cricketers from Willowmoore High have been selected to be part of the Easterns eam as participate in the Gothia Cup in Qingdao, China as part of a cricket tour for promising young sportsmen.
    The event runs from the 10th tom the 16th of August, 2019, and all the expenses are being covered by the Easterns Cricket Union.
    The names of the Willowmoore cricketers selected for this event are:
    The junior debaters participated in the SACEE development tournament break rounds . This team faced off against Heronbridge College but lost. Heronbridge in turn lost against Trinity, Waterfall Estate , in the finals. Well done to the juniors for their achievements in this tournament

    Best Picture from Mandela Day on the theme of “67” by Thulane Magubane grade 11

    Tips for the upcoming examinations:

    • Organise a folder of equipment for the examination day to include a copy of the timetable and ID book/card. Put folder in an easily accessible place
    • Switch off cell phones and put away into a drawer or cupboard
    • Clear a work space and organise all study material – rough paper, writing instruments, past papers, text books.
    • Use a study time table – include times and subjects as well as break times, cell phone/friend time. Stick to the plan – however difficult it might be.
    • Recycle all old study material and start again
    • Eat properly (healthy brain foods and not junk/fast foods) and get sufficient sleep ( between 7 and 8 hours)
    • Tell family and friends that this is your time and they must not disturb your study time.
    • Be consistent with your study time.

    Grade tutors offer their guidance

    Willowmoore High maintains a network of support educators to assist your child in their school lives. Please feel free to contact them with any of your concerns or encourage your child to approach them for an interview. All interactions are treated with confidentiality to best suite the welfare of your child. Grade 8 – Mrs Khumalo and Mr Ramyaha – tkhumalo@willowmoore.co.za , mramayaha@willowmoore.co.za Grade 9 – Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe – ykera@willowmoore.co.za, mmpiyakhe@willowmoore.co.za Grade 10 – Ms Gallagher and Mrs Jennings – cgallagher@willowmoore.co.za, cjennings@willowmoore.co.za Grade 11 – Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph – brownw@willowmoore.co.za, djoseph@willowmoore.co.za Grade 12 – Mrs Koboka and Mrs Souka – skoboka@willowmoore.co.za asouka@willowmoore.co.za

    School Counsellors and Additional Support

    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata –tkata@willowmoore.co.za The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf – mzerf@willowmoore.co.za The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey. bhealey@willowmoore.co.za The Student Liaison Officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance – nvanderheerver@willowmoore.co.za The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family. chennessy@willowmoore.co.za

    Important forthcoming dates

    • Grade 12 exams commence from 8 August, 2019
    • The School show, Talent Explosion, runs from 14 to 17 August.
    • 23-25 August Grade 11 Camp at Parnassus in the Magaliesberg
    • 4-13 September Cycle tests for grades 8 to 11
    • 14 September Extra Murals Awards function at 8:30am
    • 14 September Interact Awards Ceremony at 10:00am


    Willowmoore High strives to create relevant and equitable, holistic quality education that will produce well rounded, responsible and respectful leaders who will contribute meaningfully in tomorrow’s communities.


    Willowmoore High strives to create an ongoing positive, innovative and inclusive learning environment for our diverse community strives to maintain a safe, functional and technologically focused school for the well rounded development of all learners strives to uphold the ethos of mutual respect of human rights and South African culture

    From the desk of the Principal

    It is really alarming how the school year seems to have passed by so quick- ly and before you know it, final examinations will be upon us; the grade 12s begin their preliminary examinations on the 19th of August and then—apart from a week of school in between – they are straight on to finals.

    The examinations in term 2 are a real opportunity for our students to reflect on the com- mitment to work that they did in terms 1 and 2, and to learn where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie. This makes the third term a real phase for remediation and growth. While some students may have found their term 2 reports disappointing, it is important to see that these reports as a chal- lenge to solve problems and build on what was already achieved so that the term 4 report says “promoted’” and not “retained.” Now is the time to attend extra lessons, make use of expanded opportunities and create meaningful study schedules, homework practices and study groups.

    Also it is important to realise that complacency is a threat: pretending that good marks achieved in previous terms—or years – will automatically mean success in the future is a mindset which leads to disappointment. Success comes from ongoing work! Reflect and remediate. Work Hard.