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    December 2020 Newsletter

    Leaders of 2021 formally inducted

    On the 4th of December Willowmoore High formally inducted the students chosen to fill various leadership roles in the school, namely the Senior RCL, the House Captains and the Executive of Interact. We congratulate all these young adults for having the commitment and passion to be considered for these roles, and we hope that you will flourish in the performance of your duties.

    House Captains:

    Apollo: K. Keele, A. Hussain and N. Mariane.
    Jupiter: K. Sikhosana, S. Jiyane, and K. Modika.
    Neptune: A. Singh, N. Mavundza, and L. Sikhosana.
    Saturn: L. Ismail, S. Ngcoko, and H. Govender. Z. Hansa is the House Captain secretary for 2021.

    Senior RCLs: K. Appalsamy, L. Buta, P. Chadi, K. Goliath, F. Goolam, H. Ibrahim Mohammed, L. Joyisa, S. Kademu, T. Langa, K. Leboho, A. Mabuza, F. Machika, T. Magabvu, L. Mahlatji, I. Maredi, K. Masanbo, H. Maseko, AS. Mfaku, Z. Mkhize, N. Mlilo, L. Mngomezulu, T. Motlakeng, B. Mzimba, K. Naidoo, M. Nkoana L. Nkosi, A. Parbhoo, F. Rahiemtulla, N. Pali, Y. Saber, N. Rampersad, A. Sibe, M. Selah, Z. Sithole, Z. Tshabalala.

    The final composition of the Executive is A. Mashinini (chair), J. Rajgopaul (deputy chair), C Francis and C. Joseph (Executive members).

    Interact Executive: S. Guman and Z. Mayet (Board members), T. Motora (Treasurer), M. Ghanchi (Secretary), N. Patel (Deputy President) and S. Ellahi (President)


    Willowmoore High participates in 16 days of Activism

    Covid 19 has done much to expose the glaring challenges experienced by many in South Africa, and gender based violence is one of the most serious. As part of the annual 16 days of Activism against gender based violence, Mrs Naidoo in association with Rotary, iThemba and the Willowmoore Interact Society staged a workshop where guest speakers spoke to attendees about the ongoing crisis, and expanded on strategies to generate awareness about gender based violence, and means of activism. A positive response was expressed by the attendees and this program looks to expand in the upcoming year so that Willowmoore will be a safe space for all.


    Willowmoore High Book Quiz finally held

    The Book Quiz is an interschool event hosted by Willowmoore once a year with the purpose of generating a love for reading. Each year two new award-winning books are selected from among the finalists for the Carnegie and Newbery Medals. (The British and American librarians’ choices.) This year the books chosen were A heart in a body in the World by Deb Calletti and Merci Suarez gears up by Meg Medina. Unfortunately, Covid 19 caused this event to be delayed and therefore the participant schools dropped out except for Willowmoore but the event was still staged in Activity Week. The winner of the Senior section was K. Keele with K. Sikhosana in second lace. The Junior section could not be staged owing to a lack of participants. This book quiz will return next year and the books used his year are available in the media center for those who wish to read them.


    Activity Week provides fun for many

    This week has been jampacked with all kinds of activities to appeal to the children of the Willowmoore community. The Interhouse events of cross country, softball and cricket were well supported and Apollo won overall in Softball, Jupiter in cross country and Neptune in cricket. Workshops were held for the directors of house plays for 2021— facilitated by Mrs Sadler, a drama coach and adjudicator—and also for public speaking , which was facilitated by Mr Arentsen, a Guild adjudicator. Finally, there was a public peak-off to determine which senior learner would represent Willowmoore at the Speech and Drama College event in term 1 next year. The winner of this was Nehal Otham who managed to beat off very spirited competition. Well done to everyone who took part in this week.


    Willowmoore High introduces Counsellor program

    The anxiety and fear experienced by the typical teenager is increasing and the opportunities for counselling and assistance are rare. In the light of this Willowmoore High, under the aegis of Mrs. Hennessey the school social worker, intends to create a team of trained peer counsellors to help their fellow learners with their day to day stresses. Students will formally apply for consideration and then undergo extensive training on counselling as well as the protocols of counselling. As the training is so important and ongoing, applicants will apply at the beginning of grade 10, and then continue up until mid grade 12. A designated safe space is to be established for counselling but the counsellors will also sport ensignia so that they can be found when needed. Details for application will be published shortly.


    Willowmoore High says Farewell to staff

    Many people believe that teachers at a school never leave, grow old or retire but this is not the case. Even the best teachers eventually retire so that they can enjoy the peace and quiet they have always wanted. At the end of this term Willowmoore High will reluctantly say goodbye to 5 long term members of the staff who are retiring at the age of 65. Mrs. Hudson was a senior member of the life Sciences department and mentored many future biologists and doctors. Mr. Singh has been a backbone of the technical department and introduced (very competitive) table tennis to Willowmoore. Mr. Warren has been an accounting teacher with his amiable manner for many years. Mrs. Louw has headed the team which kept order from chaos in the media center, making sure that the tidal wave of books always flowed. Mrs. Hodgkinson was the voice and face of Willowmoore in reception and the intercom, and integral to administration. You will all be deeply missed.


    Mrs Hudson, Mrs Louw, Mr Singh, Mr Warren, Mrs Hodgkinson


    Willowmoore High welcomes the grade 8s for 2021.

    On the 9th and 10th of December Willowmoore High welcomed the new grade 8s for 2021 for a full day of orientation, half the grade on each day owing to Covid 19. After being welcomed by Mrs Sanders, the grade 8s were addressed by the grade tutors—Mrs Tsotetsi and Mr Brown, as well as by the newly elected RCL Executive. The theme of these addresses were to make full use of the opportunities presented by the school, to present a positive image to people, and to turn over a new leaf after 7 years in junior school. A particular focus was to get involved in extra murals and so develop holistically. Following this the grade 8s wrote streaming tests for Mathematics and English, then had a tour of the school where the rules and extra mural options were explained, then had their stationery issued and they were released until 2021.

















    Report on Gender-based Violence Workshop

    As gender based violence plagues our country and society, Willowmoore High facilitated a successful initiative to empower and educate young learners to promote a harmonious community. On Monday, the 7th December 2020, Mrs Naidoo thoughtfully organized a programme whereby iThemba, The Elevation Hub, SAPS and Metro educated young learners of Willowmoore High who are members of the Rotary Interact Club and RCL.
    The speakers for the day enlightened the students on platforms which provide aid and assistance against gender based violence while equipping the learners with imperative skills to lend a helping hand to victims of gender based violence. The presenters pleaded with attendees to speak out against violence and the methods in which they can protect and give support to victims.
    Laughs and delicious food was shared as children were empowered. It was a remarkably beneficial and inspiring event that will hopefully contribute immensely to the 16 days of activism initiative. S. Ellahi, Interact President for 2021





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    Grade tutors offer their guidance

    Willowmoore High maintains a network of support educators to assist your child in their school lives. Please feel free to contact them with any of your concerns or encourage your child to approach them for an interview. All interactions are treated with confidentiality to best suite the welfare of your child.

    Grade Tutor contact details
    Grade 8: Mrs Chotoo and Mr Maredi
    Grade 9: Mrs Khumalo and Mr Ramyaha
    Grade 10: Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe
    Grade 11: Ms Gallagher
    Grade 12: Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph


    School Counsellors and Additional Support

    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata.
    The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf.
    The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey.
    The Student Liaison Officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance.
    The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family.


    Important forthcoming dates

    15 December: reports issued for grades 8-10
    15 December: final school day for grades 8-11
    School starts on 27 January—more details will be issued closer to the time.
    Grade 12’s can collect their textbooks on 20 January from 9 till 12 noon.



    Willowmoore High maintains a high standard of Academic Excellence. Congratulations to the following learners:
    H Mohamed Ibrahim: Top in Geography
    J Maduary: Top in LO
    T Naidoo: Top in EGD and Mechanical Tech
    T Mohideen: Top in Consumer Study
    S Loopooo: Top in Afrikaans
    C Joseph: Top in Math’s Literacy and Business Study
    L Joyisa: Top in Mathematics
    S Ellahi: Top in Physics and English

    Half Academic Colours:A Parbhoo, N Mavundza, N Patel, M Saleh, N Mlilo, K Lengoasa, K Motadi, M Pillay, N Ebrahim, N Otham, L Mahlatji, Z Teladia, J Sulieman, Z Adam, A Kaloo, T Mohideen

    Full Academic Colours: F Rahiemtulla, M Saleh, G Thorne, N Makola, Y Jussub, M Akoodi, Z Mayet, J Maduray, T Naidoo

    Honours: H Mohamed Ibrahim, L Joyisa, T Gangat, M Patel, F Mansoor, S Loopoo, C Joseph, S Ellahi

    Special Awards—Chess trophy—Jeremiah Rajgopal


    Special Awards

    Media Trophy: Matthew Viera Neves and Calista Gumede
    Junior Hockey Player: Phuti Selolo
    Most improved hockey player: Mohamed Jogee
    Junior Basketball player: Neo Nyantumba
    McKeen Drama trophy: Taskeen Mohideen
    Gift of the GAbb: Rosemary Moshoseshoe
    Chater Shield for Boys hockey: Siphesihle Mfaku
    Outstanding Achievement in Extra Mural Activities: Zainaaz Hansa



    Willowmoore High strives to create relevant and equitable, holistic quality education that will produce well-rounded, responsible and respectful leaders who will contribute meaningfully to tomorrow’s communities.


    Willowmoore High strives to create an ongoing positive, innovative and inclusive learning environment for our diverse community strives to maintain a safe, functional and technologically focused school for the well-rounded development of all learners strives to uphold the ethos of mutual respect of human rights and South African culture.


    From the Desk of the Principal

    Congratulations! You have reached the end of 2020 without succumbing to all its challenges. From my side I would like to thank everyone who made this year the best possible form it could have taken: from my staff who walked many extra miles, to you ,the parents and the community of Willowmoore High ,who supported this school and the education process in these very trying times.
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I am very encouraged by the exceptional results that our students, your children, have produced at the end of this year.
    2021 is not going to be a picnic by any stretch of the imagination: there is a mountain of work to be completed, and the threat of Covid 19 still hangs over our heads but by refining our coping and study methods, we will succeed.

    Willowmoore High will continue to present content online for all our students to support the work being done in the classroom, and our safety protocols will remain in place. To the grade 12s of 2020, good luck for your results and 2021. To the new grade 8s, welcome to your new and supportive home. To all the other students enjoy your vacation and come back safe and sound, ready to work.