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    End of Term 2 2018 Newsletter

    Dear parents and learners

    Term 2: Fund raising.
    Total as at 18 June: R12 000.00
    The target is R60 000.00
    Keep the donations coming in.
    The following companies have donated R2000 each:

    • Cyclone Industrial supply Pty Ltd
    • Viking foundry
    • Jade Specilaized Technologies

    Donations: Thank you to SAGE Accounting for donating paint and the time to paint out the new classroom for the Accounting learners.

    Willowmoore celebrates Youth day

    Willowmoore High took a contingent of 50 learners as well as some house captains and members of the Willowmoore Djembe and Marimba ensemble to the OR Tambo commemorative precinct to celebrate Youth Day. After a museum tour of OR Tambo’s life and audio-visual presentation about the Soweto Uprising, a short workshop was facilitated by Rose Maja from iThemba Rape and Trauma Centre. Then project posters were made and presented, followed by a musical demonstration. Much thanks must go Panarottis of Lakeside for sponsoring a pizza snack for the learners. A thought-provoking and fun day for all.

    Some fun information from our Consumer Study kitchen

    Children spent 54 hours baking and they used:
    30kg cake flour
    11kg icing sugar
    16 trays of eggs (480)
    7.5kg margarine
    3 l oil
    158 paper casings for muffins and cupcakes
    30m of baking paper
    24 l milk
    4kg onions
    4 l cream
    1kg salt
    1kg baking powder
    8 l dishwashing liquid
    1.5kg cheese
    Then there was about 5.4kg of meat, carrots, potatoes and a wide array of spices, herbs and flavourings.

    Term 3 events: Please take note of the term 3 events such as:

    • 67 minutes for Mandela day
    • Sleep out on 20th July
    • Women’s day celebrations
    • Pamper day for community workers.
    • The staging of the Willowmoore Cultural Festival
    • Matrics who have not passed a subject are expected to attend the support lessons offered each afternoon. Matric learners who are wanting to push towards getting distinctions will also be catered for – please confirm these days with the relevant educator.

    Calendar for term 3 is attached.

    Road safety:

    We have had 3 learners knocked down at the beginning of June. We are very glad that the learners are all recovering. We are very concerned about the taxis that stop in unsafe areas. Please encourage your child to wait closer to school or on the correct side of the road. Do not walk or play in the road. When getting out of taxis, please do not just rush across the road – first check for oncoming vehicles.


    Grade 11 Camp

    This is a fun-filled 3 days spent getting to know their fellow classmates and teachers. It is not compulsory but we encourage as many learners as possible to go with us to camp. Those learners who want to go, must complete the form and pay the deposit by the end of June. The final amount is payable at the end of July as all costs and payments need to be finalized before we leave for camp. It is a wonderful experience and one of the highlights of their high school career. Any queries can be directed to Mrs van der Heever.

    Requirements for Saturday appointments for Learners and drivers licenses at Ekurhuleni:

    Id book plus copyId book plus copy
    2 x ID photos2 x ID photos
    R 108 for codes 1,2,3R 240 for bookings
    Parents water and light accountParents water and light account
    Learners License plus copy
    School letterSchool letter

    Please request the letter from the school at the beginning of the school day from Mrs Raju and collect the said letter at the end of the day.

    School Rules:

    All school rules apply from the time the learners leave home in the morning until they return home again while in school uniform. The rules do not lapse if the learner is off the school property or if it is outside of school hours.


    We are addressing the litter in the school. Some learners are just too lazy to put the litter into a bin even if they are sitting right next to it. It is everyone’s responsibility to STOP, PICK IT UP and PUT IT IN THE BIN. Everyone can help and do their bit to keep the environment clean.


    All educators are available should you need to speak to anyone. If the matter is sensitive, you may put it in writing to the Principal and the matter will then be forwarded to the relevant person to assist you.
    The Heads of Grade assist with discipline and academic problems.
    Grade 8 – Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe
    Grade 9 – Ms Gallagher and Mrs Jennings
    Grade 10 – Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph
    Grade 11 – Mrs Russell and Mrs Koboka
    Grade 12 – Mrs Chotoo and Mrs Sanders
    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata.
    The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf.
    The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey.
    The Student Liaison officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance.
    The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family.

    Parental details:

    Please make sure that we have correct contact cell number and e-mail details for both parents as well as a current emergency contact number. You can update your details directly if you are using the D6 app or send an SMS or an e-mail to us at enquiries@willowmoore.co.za

    Mrs L Sanders