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February 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Learners

Congratulations go to Ms Zerf – best Consumer Study educator in the district and Kausar Abdulla – best Mechanical student in the district for 2016. Well Done.

We have appointed Mrs Poonsammy in the media centre as support to Mrs Louw. Thanks for covering and accessioning so many books in such a short period of time. Mr J Gopal is assisting with IT support on a part time basis. Ms Hand has resigned to take up another job.

Thank you to all who participated in the Inter house Athletics meeting which was a success – all learners looked smart in their PT kit.  We dealt with very few problems that day. The athletes were a credit to the school at all the interschool events – well done to the athletes.

Hairspray auditions are on-going and a detailed list of performers and practices will be made available as soon as it is ready. Do not forget your donations. Thank you to those who have already donated items – it is much appreciated.

Valentine’s Day:

Learners may wear appropriate civvies on 14Th February at a cost of R 10. This money will go towards the Pink Drive as Mrs Joubert is running the Comrades marathon and raising money for the Pink Drive. If you do not want to wear civvies then full school uniform must be worn as usual. ID cards are still required and all other rules still apply.

D6 Communicator:

To download the d6 communicator for Willowmoore High to your device or computer, go to http://www.school-communicator.com/download. Follow the choices presented for either an internet enabled device or a computer. The school identification code is 6064.

Google Classroom:

If you are working on a mobile device, download the Google Classroom App from the App Store. If you are working on a desktop computer, you will need to log onto the internet via your willowmoore.co.za email address, then select Google Classroom from the list of menu options off the “chocolate box” next to the email address signout option. Enter any classroom space using the specific key code provided by your educators. The educators will upload notes, memos and suggested learning information for the specific subject. You may communicate with your educator by e-mail on the Google Classroom. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, there are various places around the school that can be used in the afternoon until 3pm.

Road safety: We are appealing to all learners to walk on the side walk provided when coming to school and going home in the afternoon. The road surface is quite narrow and just allows for cars to pass. Be careful when crossing the main roads as drivers take no notice of learners. Please exercise good manners and keep yourself safe on the roads.


It has come to our attention that the boys are generally tapering their trousers as a new fashion statement. This is not allowed and the trousers will be swopped and then re-stitched. The correct width is stated in the school policy and needs to be adhered to. Thank you to the parents who see that the learners come to school correctly dressed.

PT kit is generally being worn correctly and I thank all of the learners who follow the rules. Take careful note of the following:

  • A long sleeve black vest may be worn underneath the school T-shirt for those learners who need to cover their arms for PT.
  • Only Tracksuit pants or school shorts are allowed. No skins will be allowed underneath shorts.

Other sports codes will start practicing from next week – look out for notices for Hockey, Soccer, Netball and Tennis. Come and participate. The choir is practicing regularly each week and Public speaking starts on Monday.

General RCL training takes place on Friday afternoon from 2.15pm till 4.30pm – all RCL members must attend. Please make arrangements for transport.

Mrs L Sanders
Acting Principal