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    June 2019 Newsletter

    Zainaz Hansa of the Impeesa Rangers receives global recognition

    The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, of which South Africa— and the Willowmoore Impeesa Rangers— is a member, hold a Global Round Table conference where delegates from around the world meet to discuss challenges and create initiatives to empower the young women of the world. The Global Round Table for 2020 is being hosted and organized by the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, and will be held in Orlando, Florida, in late October 2020. The theme of this Round Table will be “The Power of All-Girl Spaces.” Zainaz Hansa of Willowmoore High has received special recognition by being invited to represent South Africa in this significant event. Some of the main topics for discussion at this Round Table are: The significance and meaning of being a girl-only movement in the 21st century. How are the benefits in terms of empowerment spread beyond the membership and bounds of the movement. What can be done to insure that the value of being a girl -only movement continues to drive girl guiding and girl scouting. Willowmoore High and the Impeesa Rangers are delighted by Zainaz’s selection for this event, and express our sincere thanks to the World Association of Girl Guides and Scouts for their complete sponsorship of Zainaz’s expenses.

    The U/14 boys soccer team with their coach, Mr Maredi

    U/14 boys team wins glory in District soccer league

    The Willowmoore High u/14 soccer team participated in the Ekuhuleni district soccer league and was placed second after a tense and closelyfought finals. The team played a full season against a number of very skilled school teams but managed to hold their own and qualify for the finals. This match was played against Boksburg High. Despite some opportunities for scoring on both sides, the final score was 2-0 for Boksburg. The top scorer of the season was Nyiko Motsisi with 8 goals, while Bongani Zikalala (photo left) was chosen as Player of the Season and Phetoho Molaba was announced as the most improved player on the team. In summating the seaon Mr Maredi declared how proud he was of the team but also emphasized that it was because of hard training and commitment by the players that the results turned out the way that they were. He extended his thanks and congratulations to the players for the season.
    Willowmoore High Junior debaters win glory

    The Junior Debaters of Willowmoore High have already completed twelve debates across 4 four weekends this year as part of the South African Council for English Education provincial debating league. This league makes use of the World Schools Style of debating and involves over 120 schools across Gauteng. Based on their achievements in the first six debates, the junior debaters—Thakgalang Ntsoane, Thakgalo Ntsoane and Zandile Dlamini – the participated in the SACEE development tournament where they were placed second overall out of 18 teams, with 4 wins out of 6. This means that the team will compete in the league semi-finals on August the 3rd at St Davids, Inanda. We also note thanks to Sibusisu Gamane who was the fourth member but who fell out due to a commitment clash.

    Willowmoore stages production at EADS festival

    Each year Willowmoore High stages a play at the Edenvale Amateur Drama Society’s One Act Play festival at St Chad’s church in Edenvale. The cast for this production were selected at auditions held after the completion of interhouse plays in term 1 and then rehearsed the play for its production in early May. This year the production was co-ordinated by Ms C. Cockeran with Nabeel Teladia as director and 4 cast members. The cast performed a new script entitled “Talk me Down” which was written especially for this event by Ms Cockeran. The play focused on an elderly man on the verge of suicide who evaluates his life choices in a chance encounter with a teenager on the roof of his building. The performance was well received and Willowmoore extends congratulations to the cast.

    Grade tutors offer their guidance

    Willowmoore High maintains a network of support educators to assist your child in their school lives. Please feel free to contact them with any of your concerns or encourage your child to approach them for an interview. All interactions are treated with confidentiality to best suite the welfare of your child. Grade 8 – Mrs Khumalo and Mr Ramyaha – tkhumalo@willowmoore.co.za , mramayaha@willowmoore.co.za Grade 9 – Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe – ykera@willowmoore.co.za, mmpiyakhe@willowmoore.co.za Grade 10 – Ms Gallagher and Mrs Jennings – cgallagher@willowmoore.co.za, cjennings@willowmoore.co.za Grade 11 – Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph – brownw@willowmoore.co.za, djoseph@willowmoore.co.za Grade 12 – Mrs Koboka and Mrs Souka – skoboka@willowmoore.co.za asouka@willowmoore.co.za

    School Counsellors and Additional Support

    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata –tkata@willowmoore.co.za The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf – mzerf@willowmoore.co.za The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey. bhealey@willowmoore.co.za The Student Liaison Officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance – nvanderheerver@willowmoore.co.za The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family. chennessy@willowmoore.co.za

    Important forthcoming dates

    Term 3 commences on the 9th of July for all grades. • Reports for term 2 will be issued at the commencement of term 3. Parents morning will be held on 20 July from 8:30 to 12:30. • Interhouse Netball, hockey and soccer will be staged on Mandela Day as well as Inter-homeroom “Iron Man.” This is also a civvies day for which the fee is R10 and a can of non-perishable food. • Rehearsals for the school show have commenced. The show will have junior plays, performances of traditional dance, marimba playing and choral renditions as well as a teachers’ play. Learners may still enter for these items

    Changes to the timetable for Term 3

    A significant challenge for the school is the ongoing need to accommodate the content of the school syllabus in the cramped structure of a school day. Also there are the challenges represented in the PIRLS report (progress in international reading literacy) which suggest a general decline in the routine of reading and reading ability regarding school children. To accommodate all of these demands and improve on the school function the structure of the school day will alter as of Day 1 of term 3. The school day will begin at 7:50 am with period 1 which ends at 8:55 am. Period 2 will run from 8:55 to 9:50 and then period 3 from 9:50 to 10:45. Break will take place from 10:45 to 11:15 followed by period 4 from 11:15 to 12:15, period 5 from 12:15 to 13:10, and then period 6 from 13:10 to 14:05. Homeroom will be phased out and the reading function that it served, will now form part of the formal language subject syllabus. The extended length of period 1 is to accommodate a full one hour test lesson as required by most curricula. The weekly assemblies will be grade focused rather than a grouping of homerooms.

    Compulsory Roster of grade 12 remediation lessons

    With prelims around the corner ,Term 3 for the grade 12s must be a time devoted to remediation of the work covered in terms 1 and 2, as well as completion of the syllabus before exams begin in late August. For quite a few grade 12s the exam results for June may contain a few jarring shocks, and this will mean that extra time must be set aside to fix potential problems. With this in mind Willowmoore High will be publishing a full roster of extra lessons for each subject so that the grade 12s can be assisted in improving their marks. Please note that a formal register will be taken at each lesson and that attendance is compulsory for any grade 12 who has failed a particular subject. The classes are also available for those students who passed their subjects but who want additional reinforcement. Parents will be kept informed of the attendance of their children. It also must be emphasized that no grade 12 should be participating in extra murals in the third or fourth terms!

    Initiation school kidnappings on the increase

    The proper respect for culture and tradition is one of the cornerstones of Willowmoore High’s ethos, and so every provision is made for learners who opt to participate in the initiation school process. We have experienced the growth in the character and maturity in students that such participation brings, and hope that such opportunities will continue to exist for our learners. However, it is with concern that we have received reports of some students being compelled to attend these schools without the legal permission and support of their parents and guardians. Furthermore, there are a few schools that serve no other purpose than to extort money from parents in exchange for the safe return of their children. Finally, the choice to participate is being subverted by peer pressure and false expectations so that students who are too young to fully appreciate the process, attempt to run away and still participate. We encourage the parents and guardians of our children to be vigilant when agents of initiation schools approach them; investigate the credibility of the school and be aware of pressure from the community. Should you permit your child to participate, please contact the school so we can make arrangements that your child’s schooling remains unaffected.


    Willowmoore High strives to create relevant and equitable, holistic quality education that will produce well rounded, responsible and respectful leaders who will contribute meaningfully in tomorrow’s communities.


    Willowmoore High strives to create an ongoing positive, innovative and inclusive learning environment for our diverse community strives to maintain a safe, functional and technologically focused school for the well rounded development of all learners strives to uphold the ethos of mutual respect of human rights and South African culture

    From the desk of the Principal

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the South African Principals Association conference, and two themes from that meeting struck a cord. Firstly, there was the increasing and ongoing concern about school safety. Many people would like to believe that all schools are safe havens where their children, their partners and the members of the community can feel safe. And this is how it should be but, unfortunately, social forces like crime and gangsterism see schools as prime locations to exploit students and impose lawlessness. This can only be prevented through an active involvement by all stakeholders: teachers, parents and the students. While no-one would approve of criminal activity, what many do not realise is that values and discipline are the strongest defences against losing the fight for our schools. The conference’s second theme was that the active reinforcement of positive values is vital for an ethos of culture, learning and tolerance to flourish. South African is rich in terms of cultural diversity, and these cultures and communities are the custodians of many cherished values which we all need to instill in our learners, both at home and school. We are all in this together!