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    May 2017 Newsletter

    Dear Parents and Learners

    We are finally able to announce that the post for the Principal of Willowmoore High School has been finalized. Mrs L Sanders has been appointed to the post of Principal. We know that the school will continue to give quality education to the learners. Please support the school as it enters a new phase.

    Umesh Gopal
    Chairperson of the School Governing Body 2017

    Thank you to the Governing Body for the time they had to put in to all the promotion posts. We are grateful to have your support. Thank you to the parents and staff who have had to be especially patient while posts were advertised and the process was running its course. We are almost at full complement of staff again.

    The HOD Technical post has been advertised and we will hold interviews in June. A Deputy Principal post will now have to advertise in the next government gazette.

    Examinations begin on 29th May 2017. Each learner will be issued with their own exam time table. This must be produced for entry into the exam venue. All stationary must be placed in a see-through plastic pocket. No other items will be allowed in the exam venues. Please take note of the start and end times of your child’s examinations. Due to the number of subjects, papers and options of subject combinations the exam time table is very full. There will be a study venue available if your child needs to stay at school for any reason. Please send a note to the homeroom teacher before the 26th May 2017, if you intend to fetch your child at the end of each examination.

    If you have any used/new bean bag chairs or tub-chairs that you are no longer using, please donate them to Willowmoore High school for our new revamped LO classrooms.

    There are a number of boys who think that they can sell suckers and biscuits because they need money for fancy items such as sneakers or cell phones. This is illegal on the school property. All goods for sale will be confiscated. A disciplinary warning will be issued. If the person continues to sell illegally we will then have to run a disciplinary meeting with the Governing Body.

    The school show will be staged on the following dates: 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th and 27th May. Tickets are R 80 per person and will be sold at the door. We value your support and encourage you to attend this show. All evening shows start at 8pm sharp and will be finished by 10pm. Check the time for the Sunday afternoon shows on the posters around the school. Please collect your children on time.


    1. Google Classroom: If you have a mobile device, download the Google Classroom App from the App Store. If you have a desktop computer, you need to log onto the internet via your co.za email address, select Google Classroom from the list of menu options off the “chocolate box” next to the email address signout option. Enter any classroom space using the specific key code provided by your educators. The educators will upload notes, memos and suggested learning information for the specific subject. You may communicate with your educator by e-mail on the Google Classroom. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, there are various places around the school that can be used in the afternoon.
    2. Uniform: All learners should be in full winter school uniform. The grade 11 and 12 learners should be wearing blazers at all times. Please ensure that the boys and girls hair styles are in line with the school rules. The wearing of beanies is not an excuse for incorrect hairstyles. Scarves do not replace ties. Please ensure that your child is correctly dressed for school.

    Willowmoore offers quality education at affordable rates. Please ensure that school fees are paid up to date. Thank you to all the paying parents who make it possible for us to continue our educational programs and to support all our learners.

    Mrs L Sanders
    Acting Principal