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    September 2018 Newsletter

    Dear parents and learners

    Thank you to all parents who have met their commitment to pay school fees. There are still 2 school months in order to complete payments. Without your payment it is very difficult to keep the classes small and the school running effectively.

    Details for the last week of term 3:

    We are still teaching as there are very few days next term to complete the last part of the syllabus. It is important that all learners are in class and working.

    We will run day 2 on 25th September, day 3 on 26th September and day 4 27th September.

    Thursday 27th

    All matriculants are expected to be at school, correctly dressed, for the normal school day in order to check the prelim exams and sign off their SBA tasks in each subject.

    Friday 28th

    Grade 8 to 11 will write the Afrikaans November Creative Examination from 8:00 to 11:00. School will finish at 11:00. Grade 11 will have an assembly to announce the RCL and House Captains for 2019 and should be finished by 11:45. Reports will be issued to grade 8 to 11 learners on Friday 28thSeptember. If you have any queries, please contact the Head of Grade to make an appointment. Grade 12 reports will only go out in October.

    Term 4

    Starts on 9th October on a day 2. Everyone must be dressed in correct summer uniform. Please ensure that if your child has grown over the last few months that the uniform still fits properly. No Beanies, scarves or dri-macs will be permitted.

    A number of trees on the school property are very old and we have had 2 trees burn down. We have also had to cut down a very old palm tree from the front of the school. Thank you to the learners (Thavashan Naidoo and Moostapha Mohamed) who have assisted in putting out the fires.


    Well done to Z Laher who went through to the Provincial round of the Mathematics Olympiad where she attained a 9th place in the province.


    S. Legkwate, C. Netshikulwe and Z. Laher participated in the Model United Nations debating competition.
    Z. Laher won the Gold award for the Best speaker in their category. Well Done.


    Well done to the following learners:

    Z Laher – Honours for English poetry and Prose, Afrikaans Prosa and Gedigte M Motsogi – Silver for English poetry

    L Ismail – Gold for English poetry own choice
    N Makola – Honours for English poetry own choice
    L Mahlatji – Gold for English monologue
    N Otham – Gold for English monologue
    Z Hansa- Honours for English monologue

    L Nkosi – Gold for English monologue and bronze for English poetry own choice Marimba Band – 4th place Honours

    J Maduray – Honours for English poetry own choice and Gold certificate in dramatized poetry

    K Appalsamy – Honours certificate in dramatized poetry and Honours English Duologue

    C Joseph – Honours for English Duologue AND Prestige certificate and a silver medal in dramatized poetry.

    The Marimba Band was awarded Honours at the Eisteddfod.

    The Willowmoore Dash held during assembly periods for this cycle was enjoyed by many – some learners ran and some walked but all completed the course.

    Disruption in class

    Together, the Governing Body and the staff have taken a decision that we will not tolerate learners who are disruptive in class – either being noisy, not bringing books, not doing homework or being late for class. After THREE (3) offences, the learner will be suspended for 5 days pending a Governing Body disciplinary meeting. The cycle will continue until the learners co-operate and understand that others have the right to be taught and that educators have the right to teach.

    Life Orientation

    Some learners went on a visit to the criminal Court today. It is part of the LO programme to ensure that learners make good choices.

    Our Marimba Ensemble and the Traditional Dancers performed on 25th August at 12.00 at Benoni Day. Thank you for your participation.

    Parental Support

    Over the past few weeks we have been counselling many of our learners and one of the biggest concerns that has been raised is that parents are not spending quality time with their children. These teenagers need you to talk to them about their passions, values and morals. They are in desperate need of some quality time with their parents. Money does not replace parenting.

    Food Drive for the Feeding programme of Needy Families

    Please support us by donating one of the following items through your child:

    Baked beans, pilchards, jam, peanut butter, rice, teabags, cooking oil, packet soups, long life milk, salt, tomato and onion mix, soft porridge, oats, 2 minute noodles, sugar, pasta, biscuits, tinned veggies, corned meat, cake of soap, box of washing powder.

    Our families would be most grateful.


    School Rules:

    All school rules apply while learners are in school uniform from the time the learners leave home in the morning until they return home again. They do not lapse if the learner is off the school property or if it is outside of school hours.


    We are addressing the litter in the school. Some learners are just too lazy to put the litter into a bin even if they are sitting right next to it. It is everyone’s responsibility to STOP, PICK IT UP and PUT IT IN THE BIN. Everyone can help and do their bit to keep the environment clean.

    We have a small group of boys who have taken it upon themselves to keep the school clean – thank you for your efforts.


    All educators are available should you need to speak to anyone. If the matter is sensitive, you may put it in writing to the Principal and the matter will then be forwarded to the relevant person to assist you.

    The Heads of Grade assist with discipline and academic problems.

    Grade 8 – Ms Kera and Mr Mpiyakhe Grade 9 – Ms Gallagher and Mrs Jennings Grade 10 – Mr Brown and Mrs Joseph Grade 11 – Mrs Koboka and Ms Khumalo Grade 12 – Mrs Chotoo and Mrs Sanders

    The SBST member for general counselling is Mrs Kata.
    The SBST member for homework sessions in the afternoon is Ms Zerf.

    The SBST member for account related issues and the feeding scheme is Mrs Healey.

    The Student Liaison Officer, Mrs van der Heever, is responsible for general counselling and basic first aid assistance.

    The social worker, Mrs Hennessy, is available on referral from one of the above SBST members and she will make an appointment with the learner and/or family.

    Road safety:

    Do not walk or play in the road. When getting out of taxis, please do not just rush across the road – first check for oncoming vehicles.

    Parental details:

    Please make sure that we have correct contact cell number and e-mail details for both parents as well as a current emergency contact number. You can update your details directly if you are using the D6 app or send an SMS or an e-mail to us at enquiries@willowmoore.co.za

    Mrs L Sanders