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    December 2019 Newsletter – Grade 9 & 11

    Good day parents
    After a lot of discussion it has been agreed to change the times of the school day to
    accommodate all that we would like to achieve. Please take note that the school
    times for 2020 have changed and are as follows:
    Period 1 starts at 7:50 and period 6 ends at 14:20 Monday to Thursday
    Period 1 starts at 7:50 and period 5 ends at 13:20 Friday
    We are introducing a compulsory study period for grade 10 to 12. It will be during a
    last period of the day and may extend into the afternoon. Learners are encouraged
    to make the most of this time to complete homework and learn about study
    School uniform – Please remind the learners to read the code of conduct carefully.
    Hair needs to be neat and tidy – no fancy styles.
    Trousers must not be tapered.
    The newsletter with the latest updates has been e-mailed out. Please let us know if
    your e-mail address has changed so that you can continue to receive our
    communication. Matric results will be available at the school on 8 th January 2020
    from 8am till 12 noon.
    Greetings to all as we move into the festive season and a time of reflection. Looking
    forward to a wonderful 2020. Have a good holiday and return safely.
    Kind regards

    Mrs L Sanders